Weight-Loss Journal: Trust the Process

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This weight-loss ournal is LIFE, y'all!

The inspirational pages in this journal will not only keep you on track but keep you motivated along the way!

Journal size is 5" wide, 7 3/4" high and about 1" thick.

 Planner includes:

-8 weeks worth of tracking your meals, macros and workouts.

-A Weekly Journal for reflection.

-A Check-In Page for you to log in current weight as well as any goals you have achieved/future goals every 4 weeks.

-A Weekly Meal Planning Calendar so you can plan out your meals for the week.

-A Workout Tracker for each week where you can log what your workouts entail.

-A chart to track your weight loss and measurement goals at the start of the journal. 

-Pages to write down your GOALS and your WHY.

-Space to put before/after photos at each 4-week check-in. 


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