What is Weightlosshero?

Weightlosshero is a faith-based, long-term weight-loss solution for women who are ready to leave their old life behind and be transformed from the inside out...body, mind, and spirit.

Our Clients

Below are just a few of our thousands of Weightlosshero Tribe members!

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The Weightlosshero Program has a 3-pronged approach to weight-loss: diet, exercise, and heart-work. 

Combined with support, mentorship, and a new outlook on life, Weightlosshero clients change what they DO so they can become who they were created to be. 


I’m so happy I joined Weightlosshero & I’m working with Christine. She provides so much information & knowledge. Christine is always there for her clients. This is the best program / community I’ve ever been a part of. It works too. I’m changing my life for the better & I love that.

-Joy D.

So glad I signed up after following for a few months! I had been working on losing weight on my own for a few years with okay but not great results. Once I finally took the leap and signed up for WLH I have never looked back. It is a simple to follow program where she encourages you look past the calories and into what is holding you back and why you want to do this, her support group is awesome and the daily encouragement is so helpful when you are not feeling up to staying on track or working out. I love this program and group!!

Maria G

I love how much Christines program has evolved over the years. She offers many options now and continues to build on the program. I’ve had great success on keto and after a set back I have been been able to get back on and stronger with the help of my coach Samantha. The community in the tribe is amazing and now having that little extra coaching I know will help me see the final results I’ve been working towards. This is a good program for anyone starting their weight loss journey or already on one. The best part is the community that’s always there with advice, recipes, and encouragement. This program has really saved me and through Thats opened so many doors in my life I closed on my own due to my weight holding me back.

Aurora O.

Christine’s WLH program/group has been a lifeline during my journey. I had lost some weight after a 90 day challenge but I knew my normal routine was to reward my challenge finish with all the food I had missed and then never getting back on track. I found Christine through YouTube and hemmed and hawed about joining. I signed up because I knew my usual habit of gaining weight back and I didn’t want to do that. WLH has been pivotal for my success in losing 50 lbs and keeping it off. She addresses your mindset (heart work) as well as physical well-being. If you need a little more support and an extra push, she has an accountability + group as well where you get to meet with a coach and have weekly zoom calls with Christine. I also signed up for that program for the past two months after having seen the benefits of the group. My coach, Brittany, was always there with encouragement and help when needed. With Brittany and Christine having gone through what I’m going through now, their advice and guidance has been invaluable. If I could only recommend one program to someone, it would hands down be Weightlosshero.

Tammy S.

Weightlosshero has been such a catalyst in jump starting my commitment to living a healthier life! i joined the program a little skeptical and watched for over a year before i actually took the plunge and started following! i was scared to start something new on my own, but having this system and this community of other women has been amazing! i love christine and her journey and am so thankful she convinced me to have this new way of life! thank you, thank you!

Sara L.

I have always been one to do better when I’m in a “team” Christine makes me feel like that. My body is a temple and I was treating it like a garbage disposal filled with carbs and foods that never kept me full for long. My sweets cravings haven’t been this low in 10 years! And I’m just so thankful for her attitude towards change! It’s not a all or nothing mindset and I like that it’s customized to how we can handle and in that moment. We push our comfort zone until it’s becomes comfortable then we make new goals for ourselves and keep pushing!

Kathryn A.

I have been trying to lose this weight since my daughter was born. I always had the mentality that it took me nine months to gain it, and it should take me nine months to lose it. After my daughter turned 21 (yes, that’s years), I decided it was time. I heard about Christine through my oldest daughter. I decided to go full in and get the lifetime membership. I am down 25 lbs currently. The best part is that Christine doesn’t only lead the group, but she is part of the group. I always know where to go when I slip up or need extra encouragement. I have never felt better and been more supported in any other group I have been a part of.

Sharon W.

She's been there. Christine knows exactly what you are going through, have gone through, will go through. She has walked in our shoes. I swear she's reading my mind sometimes she's so in tune with what I'm going through. She's such a beautiful person. You are probably thinking she's never struggled a day in her life. She has. She is a beautiful soul that truly wants to help.

Sherrie Jo B.